The Books by David Kempf

Damned Fiction [2018]

For millennia, humanity has feared the Devil. But in modern times, scholars have questioned his very existence, sometimes dismissing him as a mere symptom of various mental conditions. In DAMNED FICTION, you will discover that the Devil is, in fact, very real – and he has returned to our mortal realm with a nightmare agenda.

Travel Bug [2016]

A prestigious family is hiding a dangerous secret. It’s deep within the walls of their grand estate. But no secret can stay buried forever.

When a wealthy young seminarian learns that his family has been trusted with a centuries old power, he decides to unleash it. The adventure takes him through the very ends of time, leading to a stunning ending that will haunt long after the story is over.  This time travel novel follows in the tradition of books like Time Bound and Cloud Atlas, to take readers on an unforgettable sci-fi adventure.

The Horror of It All [2014]

The Horror Of It All is a collection of interviews spanning all facets of the horror genre, including novels, film, horror hosts, dark fiction, cover art, and special effects. With a forward by the incomparable Jonathan Maberry, this book is sure to engage, inform, and enlighten every true-blue, horror enthusiast.

100% of every book sold will be donated to benefit those suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

The Petsorcist [2011]

A dedicated priest, who is part of a deeply secret and unappreciated order of exorcists, seeks help from a secular millionaire to battle evil. Dedicated and fearless, the priest soon realizes he might need to confront an evil as powerful as the devil himself, and that in doing so, he might pay the ultimate price. It’s not long before the priest finds himself trapped in an Orwellian nightmare of demonic possession and betrayal. The Petsorcist combines humor and horror to tell a different kind of story.

Dark Fiction [2010]

An aspiring young writer attending a prestigious university is thrilled when the school’s most famous professor – a bestselling author – decides to be his mentor.Although ecstatic to find that some dreams really do come true, the young writer is horrified to learn that so do some nightmares. When his mentor’s dark secret is revealed, he realizes there are things worse than even those conjured up by a horror writer’s imagination.